Selection 2021

Dear participants and spectators of Moscow Lights Film Festival!

This year we have received many amazing films for the Contest. Thank you for your participation and trust! There will be two Screenings of our festival on December 25, 2021 and on January 25, 2022.

The First Screening will take place on December, 25, 2021 in a cosy space of Architectural Coworking (Granatny Pereulok, 7/1, Moscow). Films will be screened from 18:30 to 22:00. The program of the evening is published below.

The Additional Screening will take place on January, 25, 2022. The details of the program will be published 2 weeks before the Event. Please pay attention that the status of your project at FilmFreeway may be changed once a film is chosen for the additional screening.

Final results of the Contest 2021 and the Winners in all categories will be published at our website on January 25, 2022.

DECEMBER 25, 2021.
Address: Granatny Pereulok, 7/1, Architectural Coworking, Moscow.

18:30 Music Videos

  • «Treble Clef» directed by Marija Akelan, Lithuania. 04:17
  • «Lorn & Dolor — The Woods», directed by Polina Trofimova, Russia. 03:06

18:37 Animation

  • «On / Off», directed by Nicolas P. Villarreal, Argentina. 07:00

18:45 Short Live-Action Film

  • «Jacob Night Rides a Rainbow», directed by Maxim Sharkman Bogdanov. 13:23

18:58 Music Documentary

  • «Alex in Russialand», directed by Alex Carlin, USA. 40:00

19:40 — 21:30 Short Live-Action Films

  • «What Your Captain Feels», directed by Natalia Nazarova. 13:46
  • «Super Show», directed by Anastasia Popova. 03:40
  • «Outside the Brackets», directed by Evgenia Sargina. 16:00
  • «The Plantain», directed by Vadim Moskalenko. 12:24
  • «Filipp, I’m your son», directed by Sergey Shteps. 15:23
  • «I’m The King», directed by Vladimir Rozin. 16:20
  • «You’re lucky», directed by Lika Krylaeva. Russia. 15:43